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Small Business Web Development Specialists

Red Spider Multimedia is a small business created to help other small businesses reach their online business objectives. In a highly connected world, your website is your business. Let's make it outstanding!


Red Spider Multimedia was founded by Rodney Spencer, who began developing in the late 1990’s when the web was in its infancy. Working within nonprofits, small businesses, and alongside entrepreneurs, a great deal of experience and insight has been collected over 20+ years. Rodney has maintained currency and adapted within this ever-changing environment with ongoing professional development and daily practice in the field.


Small businesses employ nearly 60 million in the American workforce and play a vital economic role. Unfortunately, many small businesses lack the means and bandwidth to maximize the potential of their online presence. Our purpose is to equip small businesses with the necessary infrastructure and insight to level-up their online strategy. We operate both efficiently and economically.

Our Code Standards

Technologies used to create our web applications are modern and well-known to ensure maintainability and security. We follow development guidelines set by
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Development Stack

Version 5


HTML 5 is the last major version of the internet markup language. It is used to structure and present content on the web.


Version 3


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to style content on the web. Version 3 is the latest release.


Open Source

VS Code

Visual Studio Code is a source code editor released by Microsoft for Windows, Linus, and macOS.


Versions 7+


Laravel is a PHP web application framework for developing robust full stack applications using a MYSQL database connection.


Version 2

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS is a customizable, utility-first CSS framework used to quickly build unique web layouts and components.


ECMAScript 2020

Javascript (JS)

JS is a programming language that ads interactivity to website actions, and is an essential element of online functionality.

Web Development

  • Full Stack Features
    • Laravel 7, 8
    • Tailwind CSS
    • MYSQL

Content Development

  • Media Toolkit
    • Product/Service Photos
    • Video Promos
    • Social Media

Business Development

  • Online Strategies
    • Assessment
    • SEO Checklist
    • Online Action Plan

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